Take a young Tom Petty when his Heartbreakers were being called “the new Stones” amid the New Wavy late 1970s when synthesizers were beginning to usurp guitars as primary instruments in popular rock. Toss it in a blender with Jack White when he was at the peak of his wailing, back-to-garage-rock powers in the White Stripes in the early 2000s. Mix in 1960s-style organ grooves. Stir with vintage British Invasion vocal harmonies. Finally, add tasty classic-guitar licks that never go out of style. Push the puree button.”

Mike Sion, RGJ

...the band members exuded the kind of influence that leads to both terrible decision-making and epic storytelling.”

Anna Hart, RNR

From Gilmore’s lip-quivering Presley nods to Kisor’s epically manic solo to Knight’s superb hi-hat work to Lund’s driving bass and vocal harmony, “How to Feel” is brimming with flair. They are aware of each other’s strengths and they play to them.”

Tony Contini, Tahoe Onstage

Silver is Reno rock gold. Its often twangy rock songs stick to you like honey. Singer/guitarist Greg Gilmore’s catchy hooks and inflection will be fused to your psyche for weeks after a show.”

Tony Contini, Tahoe Onstage

Lead guitarist Josh Kisor twangs his way around his instrument masterfully.”

Tony Contini, Tahoe Onstage

The quintet led by singer-songwriter-guitarist Greg Gilmore builds from mellow opening verses into an arena-rock-like chorus and, finally, a long jamming outro, a la the Stones circa 1972.”

RGJ 2017 Songs of the Year

Gilmore’s throaty, off-kilter vocals wail this a rocking love letter (with a tip of the bottle to the lyrical device of the Beatles’ “Eight Days a Week”) to a wild lady love. The song is tautly crafted with cranky guitar solos and a classically repeating chorus.”

RGJ 2016 Songs of the Year