Silver is a five-piece callback to great Rock‘n’Roll. Their collective tenure in many pinnacle Reno bands left them seasoned performers and accomplished studio musicians.  The foundation of Rock is built on five things: bass, drums, keyboard, rhythm guitar, and lead guitar. These are the weapons of choice for Silver and they wield them with assassin-like precision.  

After banding together in the summer of 2016, the group self recorded/released their debut EP “Rock’n’Roll Is Dead” and began touring the west coast, staking their claim in the silver state and beyond. 

Photo credit: Tony Contini

Photo credit: Tony Contini

After riding the wave created by their workhorse mentality it was time to find someone whose accomplishments rivaled, if not surpassed, their own. Enter Joe Johnston, owner of Sacramento’s Pus Cavern recording studio and the visionary engineer behind the console for Cake albums Motorcade of Generosity, Fashion Nugget, and Prolonging The Magic.  Silver recorded “Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night” over a 5 day span in early January, 2019.  “After a couple years, we got really tight as a band,” vocalist and songwriter Greg Gilmore said. “We recorded the songs as we thought they should be heard, rather than a close representation of our live show.”   

Every instrument has its place, from Adam Landis’ breathy Hammond organ to Josh Kisor’s flowery guitar work. There are flashes of American rock idols like Jackson Browne and Tom Petty throughout the release. ‘Live Again’ has sugary harmonies, talkative bass lines from Brendon Lund and Jeff Knight’s colorful drumming. The guitar work is reminiscent of a fun-in-the-sun Allman Brothers jam and the great Santana.  The sticky hooks and diversity of LTTALN are paramount, but Gilmore’s writing prowess is encapsulated in “Good Enough”, a country/rock testimonial about the fight to be a better person, partner and artist. Pursuit and struggle are felt in Gilmore’s clawing chorus. The raw emotion hooks you, the harmony and guitar work keeps you coming back.   

Every Silver concert is theater, they respect their art and each others time. Every Silver release has unbridled emotion, stories and dance numbers.   

Each member is a personality, from stoic to silly, but what they have in common are prolonged streaks of focus and work ethic. When they’re all fired up, they can’t be stopped. The same conviction that puts every dollar earned back into the band also leads them to sleeping next to their gear with rolled out sleeping bags surrounding tom drums. There’s no transition between sleep and work time. There’s only effort, the fuel to satisfy their standards and desire to be good enough.   

“The same voice in your head that weighs you down, generally becomes what drives you,” Gilmore said. “I came to the conclusion we all feel similar emotions, no matter how different we may seem.”   

What Silver captured on their second EP are five timeless classics, blasting from the past with a hope for the future. “Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night” puts it all on the line and now it’s calling collect. Do you accept the charges?